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  1. EXPLORING ALTERNATIVES (30 Oct 17) Here is an example of a family who loves living in a large family size Yurt. They moved from London to New Zealand. Very interesting story. They bought an "American Yurt". They have available all kinds of videos about Yurts and family living.

    ►Family Quits City Life to Live Off-Grid in a Giant Yurt. 7,472 views. Exploring Alternatives. Published on Oct 29, 2017. Subscribed 340K. Lucy is living off-grid with her family, in a Yurt, in New Zealand, while unschooling their kids, running a farm, and freelancing as a digital nomad. I first discovered Lucy's awesome blog and YouTube channel while I was searching for information about how to stop using shampoo; and I ended up buying her awesome eBook about it (link below if you want to go no-poo too!), and I haven't used shampoo in a year and a half. Happy Hair eBook: I loved her videos about living off-grid in a New Zealand Yurt, and still watch all of her parenting videos even though we don't have kids ourselves. We highly recommend checking out her videos! The family quit their jobs, sold their home, and sold most of their belongings, and left London to go live off-grid in a tiny house a.k.a. a Yurt in New Zealand. They earn an income through Lucy's freelance writing work, and by renting their smaller Yurt on Airbnb, and they also plan to earn an income from their farm once they've had more time to get it up and running. Lucy and Tim currently unschool their two children, which is a "an educational method and philosophy that advocates learner-chosen activities as a primary means for learning." Thanks for watching! Mat & Danielle◄
  2. GOULBURN YURTWORKS (19 Sep 17) Based in Australia these folks have a unique product which uses mostly wood cladding for the outside walls. It produces a very beautiful effect. Plus it offers a stronger building i am sure. They also sell owner build kits, which are cool. Picture on the right is of their 4.2M YURT.

    ►Goulburn Yurtworks was established in 1984 by Mike Shepherd. Since then Mike and his team have built hundreds of Yurts across Australia and have many satisfied customers. Our Yurts are used as homes, educational facilites, granny flats, BNBs, visitor centres, medical facilities and many other wonderful uses. Yurts are a beautiful, flexible and value for money building solution. Whether you need an extra room, a small office or a full sized home delivered and built for you, or if you prefer one of our Owner Builder Kits. We have a solution for you. Yurts are designed around a circular space that can be extended with additional annexes or rooms. The modular design means they are very flexible. Rooms can be added all the way around the Yurt and provide a broad range of flexible options for adding bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen or just extending internal space. You can even add other Yurts connected by covered walkways or add a second story. Their design is based on the traditional homes of nomadic Mongolians and they are also known as Roundhouses. Yurt designs are flexible and great value for money. Goulburn Yurtworks provide a range of different sized Yurts and housing solutions: Small one room Yurts that can be put up on your property in a day. Ideal as an extra room, home office or music room. Medium sized multi-room Yurts that can be used as a small granny flat, larger home office or visitors room. Large full size and multi-storey homes. Goulburn Yurtworks can help you design and customise a Yurt to suit your needs. We can build, deliver and erect a Yurt for you on your property. Alternatively we are happy to deliver an owner builder kit with everything you need including helpful instructions for you or your builder. We can deliver solutions to most places in Australia.◄
  3. OXENFORD FARM YURTS (13 Jul 17) This is an unusual offering in that it is a working farm, which includes a sideline business of Yurt rentals on their property plus with the added benefit of allowing the clients to participate in some farming chores. Children love this place and it gives them some real life education on farm life.

    ►Welcome to Oxenford Farm Yurts. Our Yurts have been offering glamping holidays since 2009. At Oxenford Farm you can also enjoy the beautiful country surroundings of a working Somerset farm. School SuppliesOur Yurts offer holidays from Easter until Late September. For full weeks or short breaks. Please browse our website for more information and then contact us if you'd like to book a stay. Pack your wellies and spend some time in the farmyard feeding the pigs and watching the calves feeding. Hire a chicken coup and have a fun and rewarding experience looking after chickens and eating their eggs for breakfast. We offer a real camping experience with luxuries. No packing your car with everything but the kitchen sink or pitching your tent after a long and tiresome journey; just unpack and relax. Based in south Somerset we're perfectly positioned for visiting and exploring the whole of the West Country from Dorset, through Devon, down to Cornwall. Please browse our website to read more about our Yurts, what you can do during your stay, and what's included with your booking. Then check out our availability and book!◄
  4. Lifespace Yurts LIFESPACE YURTS (27 May 17) This business is located near me - Maungakaramea, Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand. I cannot locate a website, but they keep a listing on the Trade Me auction site.

    ►Laksar Eggleton has been making Yurts since 1998. He is a builder and furniture maker with over 40 years of producing experience. Manufacturing the best quality kitset and bespoke Yurts to order. Production time is usually 6-10 weeks. Sizes vary from 4 to 7m. Shipping can be arranged nation wide. These Yurts are very durable, weather proof, well insulated and cozy! We are very aware that durability is a large part of sustainability. Modern Yurts are based on the traditional nomadic living space of Central Asia. Yurt homes have been in use for over three thousand years, in extreme conditions. A relatively recent development is the modern Yurt. Structurally, this kind of Yurt is the strongest possible configuration for a Yurt type abode. Yurts can enclose more space with less material than normal buildings while being both strong and beautiful. Lifespace Yurts feature the most durable and beautiful timbers, best quality coverings, stainless steel fixings and specialist Yurt joinery. All components are optimally sized for strength and durability. Our Yurts come with an opening acrylic skylight. Unlike normal buildings, Yurt door frames are a structural component and Yurt doors are often more exposed than in conventional buildings. In questing for decades of service, our top end Yurt joinery is assembled to yacht building standards, ensuring a long service life. PVC Yurt cladding is the most durable and lowest maintenance option. When painted with water based acrylic paint, PVC is quite a durable material. My first Yurt is still going strong after 18 years with it's original PVC cover and 2 coats of water based acrylic house paint. We work with both PVC and canvas as requested by our customers. While clear PVC windows with zips are less expensive to produce, they must be operated from outside the Yurt (often during rainy weather). They are also less durable than well made wood framed windows which can be fitted with double glazing. We make both types to suit your preference. Prices for a basic Yurt range from around $12,000.00 to $20,000.00(NZD) plus optional extras. We produce both a very high quality standard range of Yurts, and our no holds bared, Supreme Quality Yurts. Why not contact us today? Lifespace Yurts 09-432-3056 or 021-729-727.◄
  5. Describe YURT NEW ZEALAND (27 May 17) Nice website here, but i cannot find pictures of their finished product.

    ►For centuries nomadic people lived in Yurts in Mongolia and Siberia in harsh conditions. They traveled from pasture to pasture with their yaks, taking their Yurts with them. Decades ago, the western world became interested in the principal of these Yurts. The round shape attracted attention by people who where looking for something different. And now, the temporary shelter has developed over more than 30 years into an affordable permanent living space. Yurt New Zealand Ltd supplies the highest standards and quality in the production of modernised Yurts. More than 30 years of development, dedication and outstanding service has gone into the development of this environmentally friendly product, New Zealanders may now enjoy the benefit of permanently living in a Yurt. Have you ever thought about being creative and designing your own kitset home? Would you like to live in the country, have a private hideaway or are you looking for a holiday home? Why don't you escape the big city, have your own vegetable garden, rain water collection system and use Solar energies. There are endless possibilities for alternative living using our Yurts. Summers close to the beach or recreational areas, simply add a screen door to keep the bugs out. Winters close to the ski and tramping fields in the mountains, keeping cozy and warm by your wood burner in a fully insulated Yurt. Granny flat or office spaces, camping ground cabins, tramping huts, contemporary baches for the beach, these are just some of the many ways our clients intend to use our versatile Yurts. Don't blow the budget! Start now and order a Yurt. "The new way of living".◄
  6. Washington State Yurts WASHINGTON STATE PARKS YURTS   (6 Feb 17) I think the link i have here will take you to a page which lists some Washington State Parks that have rental Yurts. Picture on the right is of the "Rock Springs Yurt at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort".

    ►These circular, domed tents are made of extra-heavy, durable canvas and have spacious interiors with skylights, screened windows, hardwood floors and locking doors. Traditionally, Yurts served as strong shelters for nomadic people in Asia. Yurts sleep up to six people.◄
  7. Describe THE JERO YURT   This is an incredible Yurt with a unique design that makes it weigh a lot less than expected, and can be hauled behind a bicycle in a cart, but the price seems to be probably beyond what the average person is willing to pay: Something like in the over $7,000.00 range.

    ►We combined our knowledge, and decided on a new design that could be cut on a CNC machine, with very little wastage, and would require only simple assembly and lamination thereafter. The new design, it transpired, was a fifth of the weight of a traditional design. It was so compact that it would fit in the back of a hatchback. Although the design was cut on a CNC machine, the use of high quality wood and the unique uniformity and details that we could achieve created a Yurt that blended traditional principles with modern craft and manufacturing. Yurts make beautiful retreats, homes, guest bedrooms and wilderness boltholes, and are the envy of every festival-goer, and this one, we think, bought them into the modern age. If you're interested in purchasing a Jero Yurt, please get in touch, or check out our other products.◄
  8. 2016 Fashionable Yurt SHIJIAZHUANG NINGBO   This is a large Chinese company which produces a lot of Tarps, Military Style Tents, Camouflage Mesh Net, Party Tents, Inflatable Tents, Yurts, & Dyeing/Printing of canvas. I include this company here because it seems to be a big source of Yurts in all kinds of shapes & sizes. They also have a lot of pictures of their completed Yurts. Picture on the right is of their "2016 Fashionable Yurt" which sells for about FOB Price: US $800.
  9. Fairlove Small Yurt FAIRLOVE YURTS   is a Yurt business based in the United Kingdom. They specialize in the Yurt rental business but will build a Yurt for you if you want them to and you are willing to pay the price. There are lots of pictures on their website of their finished product. Picture on the right is of their "Small Yurt".

    ►Welcome to our website, we're one of the longest established Yurt hirers and makers in the country with nearly 20 years experience in the business. Please visit the Yurt hire pages to see the largest selection of Yurts for hire in the UK, with a number of new Yurts added to our Yurt hire range for 2016.
    Amazon Warehouse Deals
    Although based in Devon we are happy to offer Yurt hire thoughout the UK. Currently we have 9 different sizes of Yurt available for Yurt hire. They are fantastic group spaces and we offer Yurt hire for weddings, Yurt hire for exhibitions, Yurt hire for parties - in fact any occasion! Fairlove Yurts pride themselves on the quality of the Yurts they make for you. Our Yurts are modeled on the Turkoman style, each one is made of copiced Ash and Sweet Chestnut (occasionally other hardwoods are used) all treated with natural preservatives. Each pole is hand crafted and the whole Yurt is unique - a careful balance of exactness of design and the organic naturalness of a handcrafted product made from greenwood. The Yurts have beautifully fitted white canvas covers with contrasting black canvas roof caps. All the canvas conforms to BS 5438/5867, 3408 and 2087 for fire, water and rot resistance. We believe we make for you the best most individual and authentic Yurts available. Need help putting up your Yurt, then take a look at our YouTube video on "How to build a Yurt". Fairlove Yurts is a family run business of Mum, Dad, 3 sons and a daughter with the long standing help of Jacob, Nuku, Sean and Andy. Together we have a combined experience of well over 100 years in the Yurt business. Every year we make a few Yurt commissions, if you would like to buy a Fairlove Yurt then please contact us for a quote.◄
  10. Tasman Canvas Yurt TASMAN CANVAS   This business is based in New Zealand. Making Yurts is just one of their products made from canvas. They also make Tents & Tipis, plus other unrelated items.

    ►Tasman Canvas/Origin Tents Ltd has produced Yurts or Gers for well over a decade. Design detail has evolved a lot over that period and now comes with the security of qualified structural engineering and compliance with NZ building codes. Yurts can be used for a dwelling, a sleepout, a yoga or meditation retreat, a bach, an office or a workshop. It is amazing how quickly Yurts can be erected! You can be in comfort in your Yurt in a matter of weeks! We make Yurt frames ahead of time so we can deliver within a short time-frame once fabric colours, window and door placement is established. Tasman Canvas/Origin Tents Yurts come as a package that include all components from the ground or floor up. PVC canvas roof membrane, fully treated canvas wall outers with windows, a full frame kit including a timber door. Yurts can have more than one door and french doors are an option. Add to this an insulation and lining package, connected to one of put a variety of floor options and you have a warm, dry, beautiful dwelling. We can arrange all your building requirements for you, from consent plans to complete builds.◄
  11. Suffolk Rental Yurt SUFFOLK YURT HOLIDAYS   These people specialize in using Yurts to house their guests for vacation use or whatever event you are organizing. No Tipis here - just Yurts.

    ►Suffolk Yurt Holidays is the perfect place from which to experience the lovely beaches, countryside, nature reserves and picturesque villages of the Suffolk Heritage Coast. It's a wonderful area for cycling, walking and has superb music, food, art, literary culture and many festivals. Each of the 5 spacious, beautifully handcrafted and furnished Yurts enjoy tranquility in a sanctuary of wildflower meadows and ancient trees. This is combined with well equipped, luxurious, sustainable facilities, cozy wood burning stoves and a lovely campfire. Organic orchard, native trees and hedging give each Yurt their own landscaped spacious green areas. There are also communal spaces: A superb garden kitchen with French doors opening onto a patio overlooking a wildflower meadow, a covered safari eating area and a much loved campfire with oak seating, enabling Guests to easily socialize, if they feel like it. This is loved by both romantic couples and families alike. Our "Exclusive Site" bookings are also very popular with those looking for a special Group getaway.◄
  12. Weatherport Yurt WEATHERPORT YURTS   Here is another source for a well made looking prefabricated Yurt. This Yurt appears to be constructed using tent like materials (like maybe nylon membrane) not using canvas for covering like many Yurts. WeatherPort Yurts are available in the following diameters: 10ft, 12ft, 16ft, 18ft, 20ft, 24ft and 30ft. You can customize our modular Yurts from a wide selection of standard WeatherPort options and colors.

    ►Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in the comfort of a WeatherPort Yurt, a superior fabric building alternative to log cabin kits and luxury tents. WeatherPort tensioned membrane Yurts are easy to rapidly install on any level surface, with or without foundations, to save money in construction costs and reduce your build times. Our ruggedly durable and attractive Yurt homes are perfect for personal and commercial use. A WeatherPort Yurt offers: Easy Installation, Certified Engineering, Customizable Designs, & American-made Quality. WeatherPort Yurts have easy-to-follow instructions and require no special tools for assembly. Our Yurts are independently tested and certified for wind loads and snow loads. We offer a large catalog of standard options for our Yurt designs. Every WeatherPort is made in the USA. Instead of wasting time and/or money on mobile homes, manufactured homes, container homes or cabins, get a great return on investment with WeatherPort Yurts, the best luxury cottages on the market. For more information or to order your Yurt today, call +1-970-399-5909, email or contact us online. ◄
  13. Mongolian Yurt MONGOLIAN YURTS DIRECT   This business sells handmade Yurts from the UK but i guess they are actually manufactured in Mongolia. They have some nice pictures of their finished product on their website.

    ►Welcome to Mongolian Yurts Direct. We are a UK company, and we've been making Authentic Mongolian Yurts in our own workshop in Mongolia, and selling direct to the public since 2004. We are the only company in the world doing this. We guarantee you receive the best quality Yurts Mongolia produces - bar none. We have put a lot of time and energy into studying Mongolian Yurts and how they stand up to a wet European environment. To this end we continue to demand improvements in the materials used, and the way in which our Yurts are made. On top of this our Yurts are constructed in a sound and ethical manner, using safe and legally sourced materials and treating staff with dignity, respect and with a long term view to improving their lives. Below we have outlined some of the features we think make our Yurts unique in Asia, and quite possibly, the world.◄
  14. Rental Yurt ANGLESEY TIPI & YURT HOLIDAYS   These people here do not manufacture Yurts, this is a place where you can rent the use of a Yurt for a vacation or for a trial period to see if you would like living in a Yurt. They are located on the Isle of Anglesey which is situated off the northwest corner of Wales and has over 100 miles of a spectacular coastline within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

    Homes For Jubilee Book
    ►Our Tipi and Yurt Site is situated in beautiful, natural surroundings, 1 mile from the east coast, on the Island of Anglesey, North Wales. We have two Tipis and three Yurts all set on our top field, surrounded by woodland and a meadow, which create a private and cosy site. In the evenings you can sit by the fire and listen to the sounds of nature and during the day explore a beautiful area of the Island. The interior of both Tipi and Yurt create a magnificent space for groups of friends and families. It is also a wonderful way of spending your honeymoon or anniversary – we have a cosy Tipi ideal for two. We also offer our campsite as a venue for workshops. Over the last seven years we have planted 50% of our 8 acres with trees and on the land you can find many different types of wild flowers including Orchids. As we are near the coast there are lots of sandy beaches to explore and also many delightful footpaths. There are several Nature Reserves and Sites of Special Scientific Interest and many ancient monuments, including standing stones, burial chambers and settlements. Snowdonia National Park is nearby. Our Local Information page will tell you more. Local shops and amenities are a 5 minute drive.◄
  15. Rental Yurt CAE WENNOL YURTS   These people here are not selling Yurts, Yurts are used as a source of rental income. It is a place where you can experience peace & quiet while living in one of their Yurts on the property. They are selling Yurt vacations i think. They call it "Glamorous Camping" or "Glamping".

    ►Hello and welcome. Let us introduce ourselves . . . We are Avril & Dyan, mother & son who run Cae Wennol Yurts along with our smallholding here in the beautiful Conway Valley. Our dream has always been to create a relaxing and magical place at Cae Wennol Yurts. We have been developing the Yurt field and wildlife ponds for many years now, and this year what was once a dream is becoming a reality! Our Yurt doors are finally open to our guests! Set in the beautiful Conway Valley on a 16 acre family - run small holding, Cae Wennol offers a quiet retreat and a gateway to Snowdonia's mountains and coasts. Cae Wennol is the ultimate "Glamping" experience within the Welch outdoors! The two Yurts are situated in a secluded two acre field over looking beautiful eco ponds, rich in wildlife. Come and experience the ultimate retreat!◄
  16. Jaia Yurt JAIA YURTS   This business produces very beautiful Yurts if the pictures on their website are any indication. This is a New Zealand based business, but they ship their product all over the world.

    ►Greetings Yurt Lovers. Welcome to the Jaia website. Please have a look at our Yurt section and also our gallery for a visual treat to the absolutely magical space these traditional structures provide. We have been making Yurts (also known as Gers) here in Golden Bay, New Zealand,


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    for over 15 years and have had orders from all over the world. We pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality products and use only the best materials available. Yurts are suited to a wide range of applications, some use them for meditation/healing spaces, extra accommodation for guests, full-time homes, backpacker/tourist accommodation, workshop/art studios, retreat spaces . . . A Jaia Yurt follows the traditional design used throughout Asia (mostly known from Mongolia) and retains the aesthetic and practical qualities inherent in these time proven structures. Again we have substituted waterproof canvas for traditional felt to better suit New Zealand conditions. Not surprisingly for cultures so at one with their environments the Indigenous peoples came up with perfectly simple designs which are also highly efficient, practical, and beautiful. It is a constant joy to work with these amazing structures. We find it extremely rewarding, especially in today's consumerist culture, to be crafting quality, long lasting products which genuinely enhance and enrich peoples lives. We have enjoyed great feedback from our customers over the years, and always love hearing of the diverse situations and experiences surrounding our products. Enjoy your visit and please contact us if we can be of further assistance. Rich, Bluey and Yvette, The Jaia team.◄
  17. Yurt For Sale TRADITIONAL MONGOLIAN YURT   I thought this was kind of interesting so i am making a listing out of it for your perusal. This very nice looking Yurt was up for auction on the New Zealand auction site "Trade Me". The starting bid was $5000.00 & the "Buy Now" price was $8000.00. And guess what - This Yurt sold on Dec 24, 2013 for $5553.00. There is a lot of good information listed here for someone interested in buying one of these type of Yurts.

    ►Traditional Mongolian ger or Yurt. 6m diameter (approx 28 square metre floor area). Bought at the end of 2007 for a project that never eventuated. This was the prototype for the ensuite etc and has been up approximately 7 months in total, being erected and taken down many times - so has some minor wear and tear. Features include: Beautifully painted wood work (doors, radial poles, centre ring. Wood lattice walls (easy for transporting). Mongolian designed thick canvas outer (this has faded a tiny bit). Thick felt lining for insulation. Simple Recipes Interior cloth with Mongolian designs. 270l solar hot water system just plug in hose (no power) and it heats water for shower and basin as well as underfloor heating if required. Solar power system includes 4x 80 watt PV panels. Wooden deck (approx 2.6m x 3m, easily removable. Designed to fit on trailer if required (2 person lift). Ensuite with shower (home made with zinculame mini corrugated iron which includes macrocarpa benches, 12v extraction fan, sliding door. Toilet is a camping toilet "Porta Potty" type (not plumbed into anything). Concrete base 150mm thick, polished concrete floor, includes shower drain in the slab, water pipes for underfloor heating. This is probably not worth moving unless you own a truck and large 4x4 forklift (it's made in 2 sections, each will weigh approx 5 ton). Buyer must pickup or at least come to see it all before purchase is completed. Assistance will be given to dismantle as well as training on how to put everything up. I can deliver everything (except the concrete) to anywhere in South Canterbury (elsewhere in the south island for the cost of running a vehicle).
    Keywords: sleep out, sleepout, extra room, clamping, camping, tent, tipi, bach, crib, holiday house, bare land, luxury, retreat, yoga, massage, accommodation, river, creek, beach.◄
  18. Their Yurt SPIRITS INTENT   This business based in the United Kingdom, has some very unique and beautiful Yurts for sale. They specialize in fabric covers but also build Yurts and other structures using canvas. Some nice pictures of their product here on their website. I like the idea of using a wood deck as a base or platform used to set-up the Yurt which keeps it off the ground nicely. Picture on the right is of their "14ft Yoga Yurt".

    ►We are Yurt makers extraordinaire, specializing in sewing top quality Yurt covers, and are not only one of the top Yurt makers in the UK, but also one of the cheapest. We make Yurt covers for some of the best in the industry: Amongst our customers are some of the UK's best Yurt makers, due to the quality of our Yurt covers. Our other specialties as Yurt makers, are grand tent palaces. We also build campsites, vehicles, make gatherings and more. Go deeper and see for yourself. Inspired by the life's work of Peter and Mugul Andrews ( in extensively documenting nomadic tent types and Yurts, we are now making more accurate representations of the traditional tent than have been previously been available focusing mostly on Yurt type tents. What are known as Yurts in the West have become homogenized version of several varieties of trellis-walled tents and what is usually manufactured is either the Mongolian Ger or the "British Yurt" with standard dimensions. Here we offer several kinds of Yurts (trellis tents) categorized by their differences in roof rafter profile with examples of their people of origin. The illustrations are from "Nomadic Tent Types in the Middle East" (wiesbaden 1997).◄
  19. Yurtle Pop-Up Camper YURTLE POP-UP CAMPER   This is so cool i had to put this up. Certainly very unique way of living in a Yurt. These people make a beautiful product. They sell turnkey Yurts and also have a Do-It-Yourself manual for sale on their website. Click on the picture at the right to visit the page featuring their "Camper Yurt".

    ►Yurtle is Yurt's answer to a pop-up camper. We call it a Yurtle because when you drive, it folds down into a turtle shape, creating a traveling camp spot. If you are going to park for a few days or a few weeks, spend a few hours and set it up! The Laurel Nest Yurt is an elegant solution to sustainable shelter. Our Yurt is a modern adaptation of the ancient shelter used by nomadic people for centuries. We honor the ancient design while providing strength, durability, and affordability that our modern times demand. While Yurts are temporary structures, they can be set up for permanent use. Change your flow and live round. Laurel Nest Yurts is a resource for Yurt education, promotion, manufacturing, and sustainability through conscious business choices. Laurel Nest Yurts seeks to provide affordable solutions to building or purchasing a Yurt. Laurel Nest Yurts uses sustainable practices to produce Yurts that encourage efficient use of our earth's resources. Laurel Nest Yurts manufactures Yurts and Yurt components that utilize simple designs and are both elegant and functional. We are affordable Yurt builders. We make sustainability a priority, through using natural materials and local woods. We provide Do It Yourself options for our Yurts, and want to help people save money and get involved in the building of their new Yurt home.◄
  20. A Rental Yurt HUNGER HILL YURTS   Here is another Yurt vacation or holiday rental business. This one has a little farm animal touch. You will have access to many amenities and beautiful scenery.

    ►Why not escape . . . To a magical place hidden in the heart of beautiful East Devon . . . A place close to a spectacular coastline in glorious countryside, somewhere you can completely relax and experience camping with a difference! Hunger Hill offer back to nature family Yurt camping holidays in cozy Yurts with comfy beds. The Yurts share a small holding with Kune kune pigs, chickens, ducks and a very friendly dog! Lit by fairy lights and Moroccan lanterns, with sheepskins and kilim cushions to relax on around a central wood-burning stove the Yurts are very warm and cozy at night. They are furnished with rugs, Moroccan boxes, a table and stools and have a well equipped kitchen with double ringed color gas cooker. Outside each Yurt are hammocks, great for stargazing! Also a picnic table and open fireplace with a BBQ grill. Fire wood for the stoves and small camp fires is provided in the form of logs (at no extra charge) but you will need to chop kindling to get your camp fire and stove going.◄
  21. Newly covered Yurt frame TENTWORKS   Tentworks are historic and modern tent and tipi makers based in Wales UK. They also make canvas covers for Yurts and a sample of their craftsmanship is on view in the picture at the right. I do not think they actually make Yurts, just sew canvas covers for them on a frame which you supply. But, if you are looking for a Yurt maker, ask them, because they might make Yurts or they will be able to refer you to someone who does make them.

    ►With many years experience in building all types of tents including tipis, Yurts, Arabic tents, Bedouin tents, Mongolian Ger's and period structures to an exceptionally high standard for the annual round of festivals, living history groups and camp sites we are, as a company well placed to build and supply all types of structures from ancient to modern in the UK or overseas. We only use materials of the very highest quality and work with a network of crafts people and specialist suppliers in order to produce structures that are not only stylish but sturdy enough to deal with the challenges of British weather conditions. As specialist custom tent builders we are able to tailor our structures to your exact requirements, be that historically accurate construction and detailing, or the incorporation of modern technical components to allow your tents to endure long term hard use. At Tentworks we take pride in our work from a designs inception through the finished product. We aim to bring our customers an diverse range of quality heavy tentage and accessories. So what ever your requirements please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or require a quotation. Tentworks Produces the following tents and structures: Tipis, Yurts, Wedge Tents, Bell Tents, Bedouin Tents, Ouled Nail, Saxon Geteld and the Medieval Crows Foot Pavilion.◄
  22. Picture of Yurt inside YURTS FOR THE MODERN NOMAD   Here is a newspaper article from the state of Oregon, Josephine County which describes a trend to use Yurts in their state park system for vacation rental units. Seems to be working out well for them. Be sure and visit the links in the box next to the article on the right side.

    ►With the price of gas going nowhere but up, many RV campers are turning to Yurts as a compromise between getting away from home while bringing along home's amenities. "You still get the comforts, and they're a lot bigger than they look from the outside," says Doreen Ferguson, the parks manager for Josephine County. Built on the model made successful by Oregon State Parks, Josephine County has a growing Yurt-rental system, with five available at Lake Selmac, two each at Schroeder and Indian Mary and one each at Almeda, Griffin and Whitehorse parks. Modern Yurts are built on a design pioneered by the nomadic tribes of Mongolia thousands of years ago. These cylindrical dwellings are composed of a latticework wooden structure covered by fabric. Ancient nomads used Yurts for the ease of construction/deconstruction, and because they are wind-resistant, lightweight and easy to carry. They've become popular with modern nomads — campers — because the construction costs are much lower, which translates into cost savings for renters. The cost for staying overnight in Josephine County Parks Yurts is $30. Oregon State Parks charges $35-41. Both use to take reservations.◄
  23. Yurt installed on wood decking THE AUTHENTIC MONGOLIAN YURT   Interesting Yurt selling business here. Not only do these people sell Yurts, but they also have a rather large Yurt rental camping business on their property located in England. Meaning, you can stay on their property and rent a Yurt to see if you like this type of living.

    ►Thanks for visiting our website - we hope you find it useful - we have recently overhauled the design but we hope it still remains a good reflection of us and our business. We have been importing Yurts from the same supplier in Mongolia since 2006 and have been renting out Yurts on our farm for 4 years - long enough for us to feel confident that, given the right care, they can cope with the UK climate - even in Wales! If you are considering buying Yurts for holiday rentals you may also be interested in our Yurt holiday website: We thought we should start by introducing ourselves. We are Amanda and Peter Copp and we live, with our two teenage sons, Sam and Harry, in a beautiful 82 acre valley in the Usk Valley situated in the heart of the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Amanda runs The Authentic Mongolian Yurt Co. Ltd and Hidden Valley Yurts full time, and also breeds alpacas and Jacob sheep. Peter started life a sail maker and now has a day job selling high tensile membrane structures - the high tech end of the fabric building industry and about as far as you can get from Yurt Construction. The Yurt campsite offers a perfect opportunity to test the Yurts, the deck design and the effect location has on the longevity of a Yurt. The past 5 years have been a terrific learning curve - and great fun. We have sold Yurts for a huge variety of uses - for living in, as guest rooms, classrooms, workshops, summer houses, party tents, site accommodation, teenage dens, even a staff chill out room on a London rooftop. There really is no end to the possibilities - although there are certainly uses and locations for which Yurts aren't suitable. Increasingly our main sales are to customers setting up Yurt campsites - Yurt holidays are becoming very popular and with the current recession biting, it seems that more and more people seem to want to holiday in the UK - and Yurt camping offers a great mix of quirky comfort . . . And it's environmentally sound too. We try to keep a variety of sizes on display on our farm and have trialled them through 3 very wet Welsh winters - although we no longer routinely keep Yurts up through the winter since other campsites we have sold to remain open all year round. Yurts are designed to be lived in and keeping an unoccupied Yurt warm and aired is hard work - it's a bit like having an old wooden boat instead of a fiberglass one - it isn't a maintenance free option - but the reward is a beautiful organic structure that has individuality woven into its being. We never skate over the difficulties of owning and caring for a Mongolian Yurt - and we sometimes advise people to buy UK made Yurts rather than our felt lined Mongolian ones - for most of our customers buying a Yurt is a huge investment - we want to make sure it isn't an investment they regret.◄
  24. A Spirit Mountain Yurt SPIRIT MOUNTAIN YURTS   Here's another example of someone who has made a job for them self. Another interesting story about someone who got started making something for their own use and then other people wanting them to make one for themselves also. Anyway, they have a nice video on their website which shows some of their manufacturing techniques. There are lots of good information on this site for self education about Yurt living. So, go check it out.

    ►Have you been looking for a simple structure for a permanent home or weekend getaway? Maybe you need a guest house on your property, a yoga or art studio, spiritual retreat, a unique structure for your small business. A Yurt may be your answer. Where Should You Buy Your Yurt? Are you looking for: Quality Yurts, affordably priced, compared to other Yurts you have looked at? Yurts that can be designed for your unique tastes and needs, built with options you want, not made in a cookie cutter big company assembly line way? Custom made for you? Yurts made by a company whose owner has actually lived in a Yurt full time, even in harsh mountainous winters? Who understands how a quality yet functional Yurt needs to be designed and made? Yurts that can stand up to full time Yurt living and provide a comfortable living space? Yurts that includes standard features that are often options with other companies. Prices start at only $3,860.00. Then you have finally found the Yurt company you've been seeking. Don't buy another Yurt until you have checked our Spirit Mountain Yurts and have made an honest comparison to other Yurt companies in regards to features, price and quality.◄
  25. Yurt Made From Wood TURTLEBACK NOMADIC YURTS   This here seems to be a "combo" website in that the owner both lives in a Yurt and he also sells Yurts. So he has a little "diary" of his Yurt life plus he sells Yurts from the website. There are some nice pictures here and complete specifications of his product(s). It appears to me that this business is located close to "Cortez, Colorado" in Montezuma County (Possibly a county without the standard building code requirements), near the four corners area of the Western US: Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona.

    ►Portable Wooden Yurts: A great option for a guest room, art studio, or sturdy down-to-earth living. Please see the post "Welcome to Turtleback Nomadics" for basic information and pricing. Our Basic package includes 7 windows, Made from pine and aspen wood, Insulation R-value approximately 8, No flapping canvas, Solid. Stable.◄
  26. The Portable Yurt THE PORTABLE YURT   Here's a low cost housing solution for a lot of you. This site is selling a nice little portable Yurt and you can order off the website. Prices range from $7900 to $11,500 each unit. Interiors appear to be quite nice.

    ►These Yurts are designed to be movable with relative ease. The underfloor is totally portable and covered with 3/4in tongue and groove plywood. The walls are constructed of pre-made panels that are fastened together by clamp posts at each angle point. They are insulated with either fiberglass batting or solid board polycyanurate. Exterior wall panels are available, for your choice, in two styles: With polyvinyl or brushed T1-11 siding. Either way the Yurt should be maintenance free for around ten years. The interior wall is an attractive light colored vinyl coated paneling. The center ring, rafters, and interior posts are high strength and all constructed of well chosen Douglas fir. The top covers are made of fire retardant polyvinyl. The roofs are insulated with double sided reflective insulation and include an attractive interior ceiling cover. Each Yurt includes a standard door and 3 glass vinyl frame 3ft x 3ft windows. Kits are complete with all hardware. These structures are great for temporary situations and can be re-sold or re-used when the need changes and moved with relative ease to another place. Take-down time is less than one day and it takes less than two days to put them up.◄
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